ALDE MEPs participate in gay prides in Zagreb and Istanbul

25 jun 2008 in Nieuws

This weekend Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert MEP (VVD, The Netherlands) and Sophie In 't Veld MEP (D66, The Netherlands) will take part in the Gay Prides in both Zagreb (28 June) and Istanbul (29 June).

Their participation forms part of the ALDE campaign "ALDE 4 Equality" which aims at the promotion of equality and of anti-discrimination of LGTB people. So far ALDE has taken up a number of initiatives in this field.

Hennis-Plasschaert: "By taking part in these prides we want to show our support to those who are fighting for their rights for so long. We want to ensure that the oppression and discrimination against LGTB people is stopped. The silence in this area needs to be broken. Even though there might have been some progress in recent years, we should not forget that still a lot needs to be done to grant equal rights for LGTB people. Until then we must continue our fight, as one should not forget: gay rights are human rights."

In 't Veld: "Banning peaceful demonstrations is an unacceptable violation of fundamental rights, and has no place in a democracy. We call upon Turkey and Croatia to stay firmly on the road of strengthening democracy and upholding fundamental rights and civil liberties. Religious leaders should refrain from stirring up hatred and fear, and claiming the monopoly on moral values. Europe is a community of values, based on universal and indivisible human rights."

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert will take part in the pride in Zagreb. Sophie In't Veld will take part in the pride in Istanbul.

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